Magic Charly! Or not…



Well well well, I took me a whole year to finish a children’s book. Yes, because it was so confusing.

I give one star out of five.

The magical world does not make any sense. Most of the elements in this book are “borrowed” from other universes like Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett, the Witcher by Sapkowski to name a few. It could be fair enough because many books share the same world building. But let me explain my point of view.

Ok, there is good ideas in that book but it felt much like I received the first author’s draft. The world is not well constructed and it appears the elements do not fit together. I had the feeling all the ideas for the story were put in a hat, mixed and randomly picked.

What the h… with the wried names? Choosing old names for characters does not make it more magical or whimsical. I know for a contemporary book kids names can comes from different background but Sapotille, Charly and June? Really? I was lost because truth is your characters must feel like they belong together or to your story, so by choosing random names that doesn’t fit together is confusing.

Shame because the plot twist is really good. I did not expect it and it was very plausible. Nevertheless, I do not like reading 300 boring pages that lead me to 10 very good ones.

I do not think you can fool young readers with that.

Do I want to read book 2? Honestly, I do not know. the main issue is the price, because in France, the book cost 17 euros and it is too much for a meh book. Also, it could be the second book is better and pieces will fit better.

Goodbye Charly!


A thousand perfect notes: a standing ovation review

Last May, when I opened my illumicrate box themed Hidden talents I got super excited to see ‘A thousand perfect notes’ was featured. Everything from the coverto the plot made me want to dive in that book right away. Two days later, I was flipping the last page and C.G. Drews you did NOT disappoint me.

‘When passion turns into obsession’

Australia, Beck is a teenager whose life is all about piano. He woke up early to practice until his hand bleed. Yet, he has a simple wish, cut his hands off. The maestro, his violent mother, is trying through her son to revive her lost pianist career, rubbed away by illness. Every day, every notes Beck is playing crushed his soul a tiny bit more. Things were about to change when Mr Boyne, English teacher is pairing up students for a special assignment.

Beck ended up with the peculiar yet kind August. The girl is always covered in sharpie doodles and walks bare foot. She is a free spirit while Beck’s soul is enslave by his mother’s ambition. That is why they were paired together, to write a thousand notes on how different they are. The problem was the maestro won’t have allowed Beck to get distracted from piano practice. Even if it is for school. Still, August’s friendship will turn Beck’s life upside down and more.

Touching and fierce

Let me tell you this 276-page book is a concentrate of emotions. I was a very quick read; indeed, you could read it in a single sit. At first sight, the writing felt simple, no complicated words and long sentences. But my second thought was telling me every single word has been very carefully chosen. This book is poetry.


It is important to have a book portraying a sensitive subject like parental bullying. There are tons of examples of unhealthy relationships, but usually it is between a girl and a boy (I am not aware of a LGBT one, let me know if you have read a book featuring this situation). Bullying is also a ‘trendy’ subject. Nevertheless, it occurs to me those problems are not always addressed in teenage books. But some authors write about unhealthy relationship like this is what you need in your like (can have a look at my review on Wintersong).

The characters were well-developed. I liked the fact we know just enough about the maestro to understand her behaviour without having a ‘but she has a sad background story’. She is just a depressed and dilutional women obsessed with piano. Joey was portrayed as colourful little girl. She was so adorable. August brought some peace and serenity to the book while at Beck’s house chaos and violence occurred.


In the book we have a glimpse at someone’s life. Like you are at the train station catching a train you have no idea where it comes from and where it goes. But you don’t care you are here for the journey. To me, it felt so different from any teenage contemporary I am used to read. Where usually we are flooded with unnecessary information. Hence, it felt so real.

For once the ‘romance’ is a background story like it could be in an ordinary teenager’s life.



At the end Beck’s uncle Jan rescued him from the maestro and take Joey and Beck with to Germany. Beck is then living far away from August. The Romance ended up quickly then but Beck could live is true passion and free is soul. But who still believes in the happily ever after anyway? Or in the 21thcentury the unhappy ever after where we are told a manipulative and controlling partner is what we need.

To sum-up, a thousand perfect notes deserves a standing ovation for how true and beautiful is it.




1 designed by Sophie Burdess

2 A.K.A @paperfury

Wintersong: A Rant Review

On this sunny day of July, the 5th 2018, I think it is fine throwing some shade.

Important note: Usually, I don’t do disclaimers because #sorrynotsorry. Nevertheless, I do not want to disrespect the author’s work. I did not like, ok I hated the book but I think the main reason being if what not correctly referenced and no trigger warning. I also spotted a lot of issues independently of the thing I mention above…

Last December, I have finally read Wintersong by S. Jae-Jong. I had high expectations. Gobling king story and music sounds like a dreamed combination.

Be aware there is spoilers in my review.

The overture of the book is magnificent, I was so pleased it started like that. Then, my only concern was trying not to see David Bowie as the gobbling king.

Well, this concern quickly vanished and I was annoyed by a lot of things.

Everyone is so beautiful, handsome and hot except Liels.

First, the too beautiful sister and handsome guy and amazingly beautiful characters. Come on, 2017 and the only word you find to describe people is handsome? Especially it is unnecessary repeated, thus, it bothered me a lot. How many times is it mentioned how Kathe is beautiful and Liesl is plain? Way too much for my liking. Besides, the Gobling king is portraited as “dangerously beautiful”. Hello!!!, we all a different perception of what beauty is.

What the hell are those relationships described here?

Classical BS fairy tale. Handsome guy marries beautiful girl. Hans, who is obviously so handsome would rather marry Käthe, the beautiful sister despite is love for Liesl. Käthe doesn’t love him yet, but hey did I mention Hans was handsome? But, ok it is mentioned she will do it because she can then provide for her family. No no no, to me it looks like she afraid gossip girl will make fun her if she marries someone else. Who know someone NOT amazingly beautiful.  I am tired of reading excuse for unkind behaviours. She stole the man from fer sister. She could have provided for her family by working or is she too beautiful for that? Why girl/women represented as beautiful as to act stupid and futile? On the other hand, Liesl is always complaining how plain and not beautiful she is. Thanks, it is the very reason why girl turn into insecure women. There is no compromise either people are beautiful with no talent, or they are ugly but talented. Nonsense…

The (unnecessary) sex scenes.

Shall I mention the weird sex scenes? First of all, they were no warming about it. The book is tagged Fiction/Young adult. Second, it is such a bad example for young people. It is supposed to be Liesl’s first time having sex and so many things written were so cliché. “The mess of blood between her tights”, were you trying to scare virgins? This detail was pointless anyway. She wants to have sex with the Gobling king so she feels ashamed about it. This kind of book is harmful. The love between Liesl and the Gobling king is fake, she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome or puberty.

Here few example to illustrate my anger.

p278, the passage on her first time having sex was painful to read, I taught I was reading an erotic book. I mean she wrote “I slid my hand down the length of his hardness…”  Again here my main problem is not about reading lame sex scenes but the fact that it is a YA fiction with no mention that sex scenes will be featured in the book. I think it is an issue. To my the way it was written belongs to erotic books.

On pages 331, women are not showed as brave or ambitious but stubborn and stupid. And WTF? She has her period, so of course it is her worst days.

P372 I literally wrote “I want this s book to end” on my notebook. I had enough of the wedding night sonata, I cannot read about it anymore. It is unnecessarily overmentioned to my taste. In the end, yes music takes a great part of the story but I believe it was misused and felt pushed.

Word pronunciation and nickname nonsense.

One thing I personally hate is nickname nonsense in books. It is ridiculous and confusing, it is a book, so you can already choose a cool name no need to add a cool nickname. Elisabeth, AKA Bettina AKA Liesl?

This one was very personal. “Der Erlkonig” and Liesl were too difficult for me to pronounce.

Besides, please do your homework. On Page 77, the author is portraying a french musicien who says “majeur D”. WRONG, in French we (I am French) do not use C D E F G A B, but Do Ré Mi Fa Sol La Si. I know this is a detail and should not considered as a major Error! 😉

In conclusion…

Overall, I had the impression there was no editing process. The story was very repetitive and boring. The plot is not progressing, it is going back and forth every chapter. The characters personalities are so inconsistent it is pointless trying to understand the book. What were the motivations of the Goblin King? Who really knows? Again, some people are just mean, so please stop finding excuses for bad behaviours. Like, sorry he is a narcissistic pervert who is bullying you but he is so handsome. Or, he is treating you like s… but poor him his father was means, but hold on is father was mean to him because his mother was a cold b… On top of that none of the issues mentioned are addressed. Liesl has not learn anything. The take-home messages are

– If you are beautiful no skills are needed

– you need a man to find yourself

-women are fragile little things

-first time having sex is awful

-be ashamed of yourself if you are ugly (or thing you are ugly, I mean what beautify really means?) and if you are the one initiating sex with your partner.

Pointless to say I won’t read Shadowsong despite the beautiful cover. I’ve seen there is a trigger warning for that one, good it was addressed and I can i) avoid it and make a rant review ii) save money to buy a book which will be more my style iii) well no third point actually .







Turtles all the way down: a review

When anxiety, friendships, investigations and romance bump into each other.

The story features a teenage girl named Aza, her friend Daisy and how friendships can be complicated. They have quite opposite mindsets, Aza is a quiet girl trying to blend while Daisy is an overreacting, over sarcastic, joyful girl.

The plot makes the BFFs, the mysterious disappearance of a billionaire and his lizard pet collide. Daisy needs money for university fees. When a $100, 000 cash reward is offered to uncover Rusell Pickett’s vanishing she is all over the place and convince her friend Aza to sidekick. Aza is not sure revealing Mr Pickett whereabouts won’t be harmless for everybody. She used to be friend with Davis Pickett, the fugitive’ son and taking money from him in exchange of information sounds not very friendly. Plus, turns out he kinda have a crush on her. Sixteen years old Aza is then torn apart between helping her BFF to get money she really needs and doing the right thing. Blimey! it is a lot to handle. Especially, Aza has mental illness, she has anxiety disorders, appended with OCDs. Her thoughts keep her very busy.

My general opinion on this book is rather positive. I appreciated the read and as a scientist I appreciated the pun tittle. “turtles all the way down” and anxiety disorders, you could have guessed the story would be more philosophical than simply about uncovering a mystery. Particularly the motto is the “Je pense donc je suis” from Renée Descartes and is like the quest of finding your place in the world. Besides, nothing really huge happened plot-wise.

The major part of the book focuses on Aza’s thoughts (this word comes a lot in the book). The detective thing is a side story and a lot focusses on Aza’s feeling and how she deals with her mental illness and OCDs. Absolutely fine by me. Noteworthy, the synopsis emphasised the mystery and investigations and does not reflect the story. Keep that in mind when picking the book.

Positive thing, it is a short read. Negative thing, I did not like Daisy that much, she was supper annoying. To me she is the type of friend who holds you back and don’t try to accept you as you are.

The main character, Aza Holmes suffers from anxiety and OCDs and she struggles to focus on other things than her thoughts. I believe it is no fortuity that he protagonist, Aza Holmes is a detective (at least temporarily) with a mental illness. Hence, reminds me of dear Sherlock. She has a good relationship with her mom and she is seeing a psychologist. I think it is good to portray healthy behaviour for once in a teenage book dealing with depression. My opinion is people experiencing mental illness are usually portrayed as “people with super powers” like having super abilities compensating the fact they are suffering. Like it is really cool because you are a bad-ass. However, the reality is often less bright and living with mental is not like being invited at a tea party unless the Mad hatter is hosting. On TV especially, the suffering of those people is not that emphasised, and I think it is a shame because knowing you are not the only one to suffer would be really helpful for people. John Green makes a good point about this, see on page 133.

I would definitely recommend that book to someone with anxiety or depression but mostly to someone who has a parent or a friend suffering from those. Because I believe you could then try to better understand them. Don’t hesitate to seek for help, counselling is available, but also you can find help in BLOGs. I would also recommend reading Mad Girl from Bryony Gordon that I have read January 2017. It will give you a view from someone who actually suffers from mental illness and she was misunderstood by others.

See you next tile.



Warcross review

Gaming universe, futuristic Japan and scheming with a pinch of romance make Warcross a good sci-fi thriller .

Emika is a 18 year-old bounty hunter. Well, it is not like she has a better option to make quick money and survive in New York City. Emika hunt bettors but not any kinds of bettor. She hunts players who illegally bet on the Warcross games.


The Warcross game opening ceremony is imminent meaning many players will be connected. This is a great occasion for Emika to hack the system and steal few items to sell on the underground market. When she accidentally glitch herself with all the world watching she thinks she’ll be in very big trouble. Unexpectedly, the young billionaire and game’s creator Hideo Tanaka calls her and as a job offer she cannot refuse.

While playing as a wildcard, Emika will spy on other players. Seems like the job she is used to do and it shouldn’t be too difficult for her. Turns out beyond what appeared to be a security problem a revengeful person is preparing a dangerous plot directly targeting Hideo Tanaka’s empire.

Across Tokyo Emika has to follow the tracks let by Zero, a hacker. But is he careless or did he left those tracks on purpose for Emika to uncover a dark secret?

My POV on Warcross.


Warcross was my first book  by Mari Lu. Honestly, I bought it because I found the cover pretty and the book was really hyped on social medias. To me, Marie Lu is a very good writer, the story was smoothly written and picturing the world described was easy.

Directly on page 1 I was hit by a “the fifth element” vibe, thus, I was caught up in the futuristic world. To my mind, the story has nothing to do with 1997 Luc Besson’s master piece, but the world is similar. I also felt a reminiscence of Avalon, escaping the reality and earning money across gaming to get a better life.  And of course, a hint of Hunger Games and Nyxia as well when the team is preparing for the game. I can see similarities between Katniss and Emika, they both lost their dad and do illicit activities to earn money for survival. Nonetheless, I feel they have a complete different mindset. I liked the pop culture references across the story, then; it was easier to relate to the story.


The plot focuses on how Emika is investigating on the security problem across an augmented reality Japan. What I really appreciated was that the story develops on other characters personal history to bring the puzzle piece by piece until the plot twist.

I never been to Japan, but I have seen many documentaries, watch anime and read Japanese thrillers (reviews coming if you are interested in). I felt like I was literally in a futuristic Japan, there with Emika.

I am not a fan of insta love or cheesy romance unless it is a YA contemporary. However, if the romance in the book was soooo predictable and awkward it was not overtaking the main  plot. Emika is 18 and it can make sense she fells in love for a handsome guy, cliché but fine by me. Awkward because I rolled my eyes many time during the scenes where Emika is meeting or dating her crush.

The explanations beyond the neurolinks felt plausible even if maybe not realistic. I mean little explanations are given but based on real biologic events. I am a scientist but NOT a neuro one so…

I was a bit saddened that bullying was mentioned but not treated in depth. I just hope young readers will not think it is an acceptable behaviour. I was bullied at school, thus, it is a very sensitive subject for me.

About zero’s identity I believe it is was so obvious I was not surprised at all.

Ii was a page turner and I spend a nice time reading it. My rating is 3 starts out of 5. I will definitely read the second book, I have seen the cover and it makes me want to read it even more! I cannot wait to read wildcard.

I would recommend the book and if I had more time and money or if my local library had books in English I am sure I will enjoy Marie Lu’s young elites and Legend series (anyone recommending it).


a reading bird.


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Fairy Loot April 2018 box review

Dear lovely little birds,

I am starting a new series of blog posts called YA subscription boxes reviews!

I lived in the UK and has been an illumicrate subscriber since the beginning. I can agree subscription boxes can be seen as a rather expensive option for books buying and not everyone can afford it. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to purchase them every month as many options are now available such as single purchase or quarterly subscriptions (illumicrate).

I find subscription boxes are such a great idea as you can discover numerous artists creating bookish goodies. It is a wonderful gift to treat yourself or a friend. For the book itself usually the nowadays boxes feature hyped (YA) books, thus, I guess don’t expect a book you haven’t heard about on goodreads or youtube.

I am a book lover but often on a low budget since my contract ended and I am on short-termed contracts most of the time #lifeafteraphd. Hence, I wanted to give some book boxes a try and share my opinion with my reading buddies.

Disclaimer: I have purchased the boxes by myself and I was not asked by any sub box owner or supplier to review it.

Let’s start our voyage across subscription boxes with the  #Fairyloot box April 2018!  Look at the wonderful goodies which were in the box.

The theme was whimsical journey and retail for 26 GBP + 8.22 VAT. I paid an extra for shipping as I am now living in France.

Leif’s ship candle.

Candles are always a good addition to a booklover shelf! This one is inspired by the featured book Beyond a darkened shore. The smell is spruce-fir-sandalwood (I personally like it) and is made by flick the wick.


Adventure tote Bag.

When it comes to whimsical journeys my first thought was J. R. R Tolkien. Besides, the hobbit is the only Tolkien I have read, so far… I was glad to see this beautiful tote bag with the quote “I am going on an adventure” from the Hobbit. Can’t wait to find an excuse to use it. If you like the fantasy vibe go on Stella bookish art shop.


Reusable Narnia mug.

My bookworm side loves to sip a hot drink while reading in a cosy seat. Being eco-friendly is also a main concern for many people and a reusable mug is such a great idea.  You can get discount when you bring your own mug to your fav coffee shop. I have tested this in the UK and it is always great to save 25p while make a good gesture for the environment. Ink and Wonder have designed a colourful mug with a Narnia map on it and looks so cool.


Blackjack enamel pin.

I wasn’t a user of pins but since I am getting some in subscription boxes I started to wear them and actually loving it! You can get to personalise any peace of plain clothes. The pin is inspired by Blackjack is Percy’s Pegasus and was designed by Taratjah (I couldn’t find a link). I haven’t read the Percy Jackson’s books yet.









Luggage tag and Ace of shades button.

Won’t go on a whimsical journey without tagging your luggage, right? Well, you have a fantastic beast and where to find them one now, thanks to Lovely Owl Books for it (unfortunatly I did not find a link).


Carpe diem Notepad.

I cannot get enough of notepads; hence, I was glad I could get another one to add to my (gigantic) collection. Thanks to Little Inkling Designs for the design.


Fictional places art print.

OMG! I think this is my fav art print so far. Fictiontea Designs has come up with the pengest destinations to visit.


Beyond a darkened shore.

This month standalone by Jessica Leake mixes Norse and Celtic mythology, such a great blend. Starring, fae, warriors, Viking, a princess. Sounds so good æI will try to read asap and post a review on my blog.

On a side note, I think it will be so cool if we could find a way to re-use the boxes. Usually I try to use them as storage box or do crafting with it, but I am sure we could organise a collect in big cities. I like the coloured paper stripes inside, but I think it is not eco-friendly and could be removed.


Coming unboxings

Fairy Loot May 2018 SAVE THE KINGDOM, Illumicrate May 2108 HIDDEN TALENTS, owlcrate June 2018 SUMMER LOVIN’, unicorncrate June 2018 POTIONS AND POSIONS.

I was thinking to test other book boxes but in order to be sure to not have twice (or more) the same book I will test them later on this year (July to December). The main issue for me is shipping as it can double the total price of the box itself, so if my budget allows me I will test Whimsify, Enchanted box, Magical book box, Faecrate, Sheflovecrate and Enchanted Fandom …


A reading bird.



Artemis review

Saying I did not enjoy latest Andy Weir’s book Artemis is an understatement.

Which is a shame because the plot was promising. “Planning a crime on 1/6 th gravity may be more fun, it’s a lot more dangerous…” I could have loved the plot. Just remove Jazz’s irritating behaviour and obnoxious personality, unnecessary sex-related jokes and science nonsense.

As I said, the plot was interesting. A working-class woman who just wanted a start over. She is familiar with criminality as she does some smuggling. When a rich business man offers her a doubtful but well-paid job it gives her the opportunity she was looking for. To have a better life and repay a debt.

Sounds good right? Of course, everything does not turn as planned.

The problem is 10% of the book focused on the actual plot and 90% on science nonsense and Jazz ‘s despicable attitude.

I cannot stand her, and I cannot get over her attitude. She is arrogant, rude from page 1 to 305.

It is proclaimed several times in the book she is super smart. She could have been going to great programs bla bla bla… Yet she does very stupid things that I wouldn’t have done myself with my little knowledge on physics. Like she forgot ignition needs oxygen! To me the science explanations were not consistent. Besides, Jazz the smart-ass bragged about her physics knowledges, but she was not aware of some 9th grade basics (GCSE or Lycée).

We got it she is poor and needs money. But she acts like a spoiled brat. I find she was so disrespectful to her dad. Plus, she is 26, so please Jazz grow up.

Jazz won’t drink in front of her dad, but she will talk about sex. WTF?

The scientist of the book does not look or act like one. Been a scientist myself, I have been working in labs for the past 10 years and I have seen many scientists from all around the world. Wearing your lab coat OUTSIDE of the lab is unsafe, stupid and useless. FFC cam and pile processes are A-levels curriculum (at least in the Baccalauréat in France). He should know how it works. As Andy Weir is an engineer I am sure he wrote some legit things but honestly for other science facts he should have done his homework more carefully.

I can’t list everything that annoyed me and made me rolled my eyes coz it will be too long. But the problem is it happened every single page that I couldn’t enjoy the book.

To the author:

Stop bringing moon gravity explanations every 3 pages because 1) it is annoying, explaining once is enough we are not dumb. 2) some of the things happening do not corelate with explanations you gave 3 pages ago. 3) there is too much inaccuracy.

You cannot write EVA 150 times without explaining it the first time it is mentioned (especially for non-English native readers). Or maybe I missed it.

The explanation about the breathable atmosphere (pure O2) on the moon gravity is dubious. I find that many things won’t work as it was described.

Also, if you could address those questions I’ll be more than happy (and I am not being sarcastic here I really wanna know!) How food is grown if there is no nitrogen in the atmosphere? There is a weird explanation about gunk but it is an algae so it still needs N2 form atm.

If you get too much O2 wouldn’t you just die?

You talk about child development how about foetal development on the moon?

If you use a  firearm on the moon how will be the bullet trajectory?

How pens will work on the moon?

To sum-up, I did not like the book and, thus, why I don’t recommend this book because

  • The protagonist, Jazz is despicable. Too much sarcasm kills sarcasm, like Rory’s mom in Gilmores girls (Hell I hate that one too). She is obnoxious and disrespectful.

“I had to swallow my pride”. Honey you don’t have any. Please make her die soon or deported back to earth.

  • As a scientist myself (PhD in biosciences) I think it will have been better to not talk about practicalities rather than giving nonsense. If some explanation does make sense other are literally bullshits. It kills everything and looks like a show off. I had the feeling I was schooled by Jazz and she is not even that good.
  • I was outrage, I find some statements were gross, misogynists, slutshamming and more importantly were unnecessary to the plot. Shall I talk about the reusable condom?



The Smoke Thieves. Review on the uncorrected book proof.

In this YA fantasy Sally Green is painting a world where treason, war,  misfortune and magic will seal the fate of 5 young people and change their life forever.

In the Northern plateau of Pitoria, mountain and cold weather offer a land too hostile that only native and demons are living up there. Will this mystical place tie our heroes’ destinies together?

“it is illegal to buy, trade in, procure, obtain by any means, inhale, swallow, or use fashion the smoke from demons.

Laws of Pitoria, V; I, C. 43.I”

The very first sentence of the book makes a strong declaration about how serious things around demon smokes are. Yet, all the five main characters are going to break this rule at one point of the story, intentionally or not and by all means prohibited by the law.

The story follows the POV , a princess, a soldier, a traitor, a hunter and a thief.

While Princess Catherine is deciding what kind of Queen she wants to become for her new kingdom she still wonders what her father and brother are plotting.

On his way back to the West, March, a servant, is torn apart between getting revenge for Abask and how to respond towards Edyon’s kindness.

After a well-deserved pause from demons hunting, Tash is looking for pie, boots and rest. Nevertheless, her fortune takes a complete turn, thanks (or not) to a Prince’s illegitimate son.

In Dornan, Edyon is at a crossroad to his foretold future. However, a boy with the most beautiful eye he ever seen and a emotionless foreigner force him to make a choice that will bring death all around him.

Ambrose made an oath and he struggling to keep it while his surrounding is falling apart.

Once again Sally Green made me travel to a word where magic and real coexist. She wrote an addictive story whose I want to know more. All the 5 protagonists have their own identity and telling. I could definitely see the different POV and I was not lost (not like in Allegiant or Into the water). The atmosphere was defo fantastic ans whimsical!

The down side for me was that I wanted to know more about the demon smoke and hoping it will be in book 2. Regarding how the book ends I assume more action will take place in book 2. To me, book 1 just sat the scene and prepared us for more actions to happen in the sequel.

Here, I am going to tell you who is my fav character and the one I despite (yep, not just disliking).

My favourite character is Edyon. I felt he was true at heart, kind and touching. He reminded me a lot of Wylan from Six of Crows. I think they have a similar back story in a way. I felt so sorry for him for what was about to happen to him in case everything went according to Holywell’s plan. He does not deserve any of it. Besides, what happened to him is partially because he can’t help stealing things.

I also really liked Tash, she is fearless and strong. To me she appeared as a strong female character like I wish to see more in teen and YA books.

Disclaimer: sorry, not sorry! I have a real problem with Princess Catherine. Let me throw the shade ! I am sure she has the most beautiful dress to counteract it.

She tells more than show, at the beginning she proclaims that 1) she wants to be a respected ruler. To do so, she gets inspiration from Queen Valeria, a powerful sovereign who gained independence by listening  her people’s concerns  2) she will do ANYTHING to find out what happened to Lady Ann. Yet, after 466 pages she ends up just where she started. I mean in her behaviour, to me she did not put any effort into finding about the clues left by lady Ann. She had way to much help for that! Yes, she did find a bit but with so much help that I don’t give her any credit. Every single chapter she would talk about the clue, like she just find out about them. To me, she should have spent less time blushing a handsome (yes she uses that word to many times to my taste that it lost it meaning) men.

She wanted to be respected by her people by dressing in gorgeous gown and flowers! WTF? Really, (rolling my eyes)? I am not saying a  well-dressed woman, liking fashion is automatically a bad ruler or should not be respected as a queen. I am saying that it was too much described in the book and I did NOT care anymore about her f… dress at some point. Again, to my opinion if you want to win your people maybe you should listen to their concerns and struggle to help them solving it. Doing it in style or not is not for me to say. But just do something constructive and I don’t mean a garnement (this joke works in French not sure for English).

I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t rage about her attitude towards her betrothed and towards her “lover”.

I would defo recommend that book and I want to read book 2!








Is this synopsis appealing?

Hi fellow readers.

I have been thinking about having my book blog for quite awhile. I am still wondering if I will be able to do it correctly and I am scared that no one will read it. But the truth is it doesn’t matter!

Here, you will find my thoughts and reviews on books I have read (captain obvious is upon my shoulder today). My friends can testify I am very passionate when it comes to talk about books. We all have different opinions because we perceive a story in a unique way depending on our emotions, personal story and age. Would books be interesting otherwise?

My favorite hashtag is #sorrynotsorry. I am eager to expose my opinions and I speak bluntly (did I tell you I am French). I lived in the UK for 5 years and I like my tea but I can spill it too. Thus, you will also find salt and shade and NO I am opening a grocery shop.

Honestly, the blog is also meant to make reading buddies and friends. I have decided to write reviews on books to help people decide which book they are going to pick next! Because let’s face it, there is so many books available and so little time it will be a shame to miss a good book. Now I know which booktubers and bloggers have the same taste as me regarding books, thus, I can follow their recommandations! Besides, I wish to spare you time and money on books not worth it (well this one is subjective)!

I read thrillers, crimes, fantasy, children books, classics etc. Like many others, I bought and read loads of populars and hyped YA or teen books but I have been so disappointed lately (makes me cringe and roll my eyes too often) that I am finishing my TBR and going back to crime and thrillers. Well, I have over 25 YA books to read but that is fine! I recently started to read adult fantasy and discovered I like that genre.

As I said, I am French, hence you will find reviews written in French as well. Hopefully, you will improve your french AND discover French authors works!

Hope you will enjoy the blog!


a bird who likes to read.