Warcross review

Gaming universe, futuristic Japan and scheming with a pinch of romance make Warcross a good sci-fi thriller .

Emika is a 18 year-old bounty hunter. Well, it is not like she has a better option to make quick money and survive in New York City. Emika hunt bettors but not any kinds of bettor. She hunts players who illegally bet on the Warcross games.


The Warcross game opening ceremony is imminent meaning many players will be connected. This is a great occasion for Emika to hack the system and steal few items to sell on the underground market. When she accidentally glitch herself with all the world watching she thinks she’ll be in very big trouble. Unexpectedly, the young billionaire and game’s creator Hideo Tanaka calls her and as a job offer she cannot refuse.

While playing as a wildcard, Emika will spy on other players. Seems like the job she is used to do and it shouldn’t be too difficult for her. Turns out beyond what appeared to be a security problem a revengeful person is preparing a dangerous plot directly targeting Hideo Tanaka’s empire.

Across Tokyo Emika has to follow the tracks let by Zero, a hacker. But is he careless or did he left those tracks on purpose for Emika to uncover a dark secret?

My POV on Warcross.


Warcross was my first book  by Mari Lu. Honestly, I bought it because I found the cover pretty and the book was really hyped on social medias. To me, Marie Lu is a very good writer, the story was smoothly written and picturing the world described was easy.

Directly on page 1 I was hit by a “the fifth element” vibe, thus, I was caught up in the futuristic world. To my mind, the story has nothing to do with 1997 Luc Besson’s master piece, but the world is similar. I also felt a reminiscence of Avalon, escaping the reality and earning money across gaming to get a better life.  And of course, a hint of Hunger Games and Nyxia as well when the team is preparing for the game. I can see similarities between Katniss and Emika, they both lost their dad and do illicit activities to earn money for survival. Nonetheless, I feel they have a complete different mindset. I liked the pop culture references across the story, then; it was easier to relate to the story.


The plot focuses on how Emika is investigating on the security problem across an augmented reality Japan. What I really appreciated was that the story develops on other characters personal history to bring the puzzle piece by piece until the plot twist.

I never been to Japan, but I have seen many documentaries, watch anime and read Japanese thrillers (reviews coming if you are interested in). I felt like I was literally in a futuristic Japan, there with Emika.

I am not a fan of insta love or cheesy romance unless it is a YA contemporary. However, if the romance in the book was soooo predictable and awkward it was not overtaking the main  plot. Emika is 18 and it can make sense she fells in love for a handsome guy, cliché but fine by me. Awkward because I rolled my eyes many time during the scenes where Emika is meeting or dating her crush.

The explanations beyond the neurolinks felt plausible even if maybe not realistic. I mean little explanations are given but based on real biologic events. I am a scientist but NOT a neuro one so…

I was a bit saddened that bullying was mentioned but not treated in depth. I just hope young readers will not think it is an acceptable behaviour. I was bullied at school, thus, it is a very sensitive subject for me.

About zero’s identity I believe it is was so obvious I was not surprised at all.

Ii was a page turner and I spend a nice time reading it. My rating is 3 starts out of 5. I will definitely read the second book, I have seen the cover and it makes me want to read it even more! I cannot wait to read wildcard.

I would recommend the book and if I had more time and money or if my local library had books in English I am sure I will enjoy Marie Lu’s young elites and Legend series (anyone recommending it).


a reading bird.


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