Fairy Loot April 2018 box review

Dear lovely little birds,

I am starting a new series of blog posts called YA subscription boxes reviews!

I lived in the UK and has been an illumicrate subscriber since the beginning. I can agree subscription boxes can be seen as a rather expensive option for books buying and not everyone can afford it. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to purchase them every month as many options are now available such as single purchase or quarterly subscriptions (illumicrate).

I find subscription boxes are such a great idea as you can discover numerous artists creating bookish goodies. It is a wonderful gift to treat yourself or a friend. For the book itself usually the nowadays boxes feature hyped (YA) books, thus, I guess don’t expect a book you haven’t heard about on goodreads or youtube.

I am a book lover but often on a low budget since my contract ended and I am on short-termed contracts most of the time #lifeafteraphd. Hence, I wanted to give some book boxes a try and share my opinion with my reading buddies.

Disclaimer: I have purchased the boxes by myself and I was not asked by any sub box owner or supplier to review it.

Let’s start our voyage across subscription boxes with the  #Fairyloot box April 2018!  Look at the wonderful goodies which were in the box.

The theme was whimsical journey and retail for 26 GBP + 8.22 VAT. I paid an extra for shipping as I am now living in France.

Leif’s ship candle.

Candles are always a good addition to a booklover shelf! This one is inspired by the featured book Beyond a darkened shore. The smell is spruce-fir-sandalwood (I personally like it) and is made by flick the wick.


Adventure tote Bag.

When it comes to whimsical journeys my first thought was J. R. R Tolkien. Besides, the hobbit is the only Tolkien I have read, so far… I was glad to see this beautiful tote bag with the quote “I am going on an adventure” from the Hobbit. Can’t wait to find an excuse to use it. If you like the fantasy vibe go on Stella bookish art shop.


Reusable Narnia mug.

My bookworm side loves to sip a hot drink while reading in a cosy seat. Being eco-friendly is also a main concern for many people and a reusable mug is such a great idea.  You can get discount when you bring your own mug to your fav coffee shop. I have tested this in the UK and it is always great to save 25p while make a good gesture for the environment. Ink and Wonder have designed a colourful mug with a Narnia map on it and looks so cool.


Blackjack enamel pin.

I wasn’t a user of pins but since I am getting some in subscription boxes I started to wear them and actually loving it! You can get to personalise any peace of plain clothes. The pin is inspired by Blackjack is Percy’s Pegasus and was designed by Taratjah (I couldn’t find a link). I haven’t read the Percy Jackson’s books yet.









Luggage tag and Ace of shades button.

Won’t go on a whimsical journey without tagging your luggage, right? Well, you have a fantastic beast and where to find them one now, thanks to Lovely Owl Books for it (unfortunatly I did not find a link).


Carpe diem Notepad.

I cannot get enough of notepads; hence, I was glad I could get another one to add to my (gigantic) collection. Thanks to Little Inkling Designs for the design.


Fictional places art print.

OMG! I think this is my fav art print so far. Fictiontea Designs has come up with the pengest destinations to visit.


Beyond a darkened shore.

This month standalone by Jessica Leake mixes Norse and Celtic mythology, such a great blend. Starring, fae, warriors, Viking, a princess. Sounds so good æI will try to read asap and post a review on my blog.

On a side note, I think it will be so cool if we could find a way to re-use the boxes. Usually I try to use them as storage box or do crafting with it, but I am sure we could organise a collect in big cities. I like the coloured paper stripes inside, but I think it is not eco-friendly and could be removed.


Coming unboxings

Fairy Loot May 2018 SAVE THE KINGDOM, Illumicrate May 2108 HIDDEN TALENTS, owlcrate June 2018 SUMMER LOVIN’, unicorncrate June 2018 POTIONS AND POSIONS.

I was thinking to test other book boxes but in order to be sure to not have twice (or more) the same book I will test them later on this year (July to December). The main issue for me is shipping as it can double the total price of the box itself, so if my budget allows me I will test Whimsify, Enchanted box, Magical book box, Faecrate, Sheflovecrate and Enchanted Fandom …


A reading bird.



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