Is this synopsis appealing?

Hi fellow readers.

I have been thinking about having my book blog for quite awhile. I am still wondering if I will be able to do it correctly and I am scared that no one will read it. But the truth is it doesn’t matter!

Here, you will find my thoughts and reviews on books I have read (captain obvious is upon my shoulder today). My friends can testify I am very passionate when it comes to talk about books. We all have different opinions because we perceive a story in a unique way depending on our emotions, personal story and age. Would books be interesting otherwise?

My favorite hashtag is #sorrynotsorry. I am eager to expose my opinions and I speak bluntly (did I tell you I am French). I lived in the UK for 5 years and I like my tea but I can spill it too. Thus, you will also find salt and shade and NO I am opening a grocery shop.

Honestly, the blog is also meant to make reading buddies and friends. I have decided to write reviews on books to help people decide which book they are going to pick next! Because let’s face it, there is so many books available and so little time it will be a shame to miss a good book. Now I know which booktubers and bloggers have the same taste as me regarding books, thus, I can follow their recommandations! Besides, I wish to spare you time and money on books not worth it (well this one is subjective)!

I read thrillers, crimes, fantasy, children books, classics etc. Like many others, I bought and read loads of populars and hyped YA or teen books but I have been so disappointed lately (makes me cringe and roll my eyes too often) that I am finishing my TBR and going back to crime and thrillers. Well, I have over 25 YA books to read but that is fine! I recently started to read adult fantasy and discovered I like that genre.

As I said, I am French, hence you will find reviews written in French as well. Hopefully, you will improve your french AND discover French authors works!

Hope you will enjoy the blog!


a bird who likes to read.



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