Meet the reading bird

Once upon time, on a bewitched day of November a tiny little bird was born. The bird grew up in a French quiet village and felt a bit lonely as vilains ruled the kingdom. As soon as the birdy learnt how to read she could escape to magical words where everyone was nice to her and warm. Her favourite books was featuring outcasts, one followed Sophie a playful but unlucky girl and the other foretold the life changing story of Charlie a very poor young boy. But in 1997, when the bird blown her 11 candles a very special book featuring a special wizard,  his awkward but kind-hearted ginger friend and the brightest and loyal girl of the school. This golden trio exploits in a remote castle would change the bird life and many others forever. After years following the mischiefs and adventures of the team to stop a dark sorcerer plan the bird still loves reading about new fantasy and magical words but can’t help herself to visit Hogwarts from time to time.

In 2012, the bird migrated to the UK to work as a plant scientist. Potions class were really helpful then to solve the mystery of PTI. She also read more YA books and discovered she was not lonely anymore as many others shared her peculiarities.

Now she is back in her village in France where she still reads YA comtemporary, fantasy, crime and thrillers.

Because the little bird do not want anyone to feel outcasted or made fun of she decided she will try to bring people together by sharing books opinions, oddities and feeling by creating a blog. One can not always agree on books but there is space for friendly-behaved little birds!

Feel free to join the nest by following me!