Artemis review

Saying I did not enjoy latest Andy Weir’s book Artemis is an understatement.

Which is a shame because the plot was promising. “Planning a crime on 1/6 th gravity may be more fun, it’s a lot more dangerous…” I could have loved the plot. Just remove Jazz’s irritating behaviour and obnoxious personality, unnecessary sex-related jokes and science nonsense.

As I said, the plot was interesting. A working-class woman who just wanted a start over. She is familiar with criminality as she does some smuggling. When a rich business man offers her a doubtful but well-paid job it gives her the opportunity she was looking for. To have a better life and repay a debt.

Sounds good right? Of course, everything does not turn as planned.

The problem is 10% of the book focused on the actual plot and 90% on science nonsense and Jazz ‘s despicable attitude.

I cannot stand her, and I cannot get over her attitude. She is arrogant, rude from page 1 to 305.

It is proclaimed several times in the book she is super smart. She could have been going to great programs bla bla bla… Yet she does very stupid things that I wouldn’t have done myself with my little knowledge on physics. Like she forgot ignition needs oxygen! To me the science explanations were not consistent. Besides, Jazz the smart-ass bragged about her physics knowledges, but she was not aware of some 9th grade basics (GCSE or Lycée).

We got it she is poor and needs money. But she acts like a spoiled brat. I find she was so disrespectful to her dad. Plus, she is 26, so please Jazz grow up.

Jazz won’t drink in front of her dad, but she will talk about sex. WTF?

The scientist of the book does not look or act like one. Been a scientist myself, I have been working in labs for the past 10 years and I have seen many scientists from all around the world. Wearing your lab coat OUTSIDE of the lab is unsafe, stupid and useless. FFC cam and pile processes are A-levels curriculum (at least in the Baccalauréat in France). He should know how it works. As Andy Weir is an engineer I am sure he wrote some legit things but honestly for other science facts he should have done his homework more carefully.

I can’t list everything that annoyed me and made me rolled my eyes coz it will be too long. But the problem is it happened every single page that I couldn’t enjoy the book.

To the author:

Stop bringing moon gravity explanations every 3 pages because 1) it is annoying, explaining once is enough we are not dumb. 2) some of the things happening do not corelate with explanations you gave 3 pages ago. 3) there is too much inaccuracy.

You cannot write EVA 150 times without explaining it the first time it is mentioned (especially for non-English native readers). Or maybe I missed it.

The explanation about the breathable atmosphere (pure O2) on the moon gravity is dubious. I find that many things won’t work as it was described.

Also, if you could address those questions I’ll be more than happy (and I am not being sarcastic here I really wanna know!) How food is grown if there is no nitrogen in the atmosphere? There is a weird explanation about gunk but it is an algae so it still needs N2 form atm.

If you get too much O2 wouldn’t you just die?

You talk about child development how about foetal development on the moon?

If you use a  firearm on the moon how will be the bullet trajectory?

How pens will work on the moon?

To sum-up, I did not like the book and, thus, why I don’t recommend this book because

  • The protagonist, Jazz is despicable. Too much sarcasm kills sarcasm, like Rory’s mom in Gilmores girls (Hell I hate that one too). She is obnoxious and disrespectful.

“I had to swallow my pride”. Honey you don’t have any. Please make her die soon or deported back to earth.

  • As a scientist myself (PhD in biosciences) I think it will have been better to not talk about practicalities rather than giving nonsense. If some explanation does make sense other are literally bullshits. It kills everything and looks like a show off. I had the feeling I was schooled by Jazz and she is not even that good.
  • I was outrage, I find some statements were gross, misogynists, slutshamming and more importantly were unnecessary to the plot. Shall I talk about the reusable condom?



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