Magic Charly! Or not…



Well well well, I took me a whole year to finish a children’s book. Yes, because it was so confusing.

I give one star out of five.

The magical world does not make any sense. Most of the elements in this book are “borrowed” from other universes like Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett, the Witcher by Sapkowski to name a few. It could be fair enough because many books share the same world building. But let me explain my point of view.

Ok, there is good ideas in that book but it felt much like I received the first author’s draft. The world is not well constructed and it appears the elements do not fit together. I had the feeling all the ideas for the story were put in a hat, mixed and randomly picked.

What the h… with the wried names? Choosing old names for characters does not make it more magical or whimsical. I know for a contemporary book kids names can comes from different background but Sapotille, Charly and June? Really? I was lost because truth is your characters must feel like they belong together or to your story, so by choosing random names that doesn’t fit together is confusing.

Shame because the plot twist is really good. I did not expect it and it was very plausible. Nevertheless, I do not like reading 300 boring pages that lead me to 10 very good ones.

I do not think you can fool young readers with that.

Do I want to read book 2? Honestly, I do not know. the main issue is the price, because in France, the book cost 17 euros and it is too much for a meh book. Also, it could be the second book is better and pieces will fit better.

Goodbye Charly!


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