Wintersong: A Rant Review

On this sunny day of July, the 5th 2018, I think it is fine throwing some shade.

Important note: Usually, I don’t do disclaimers because #sorrynotsorry. Nevertheless, I do not want to disrespect the author’s work. I did not like, ok I hated the book but I think the main reason being if what not correctly referenced and no trigger warning. I also spotted a lot of issues independently of the thing I mention above…

Last December, I have finally read Wintersong by S. Jae-Jong. I had high expectations. Gobling king story and music sounds like a dreamed combination.

Be aware there is spoilers in my review.

The overture of the book is magnificent, I was so pleased it started like that. Then, my only concern was trying not to see David Bowie as the gobbling king.

Well, this concern quickly vanished and I was annoyed by a lot of things.

Everyone is so beautiful, handsome and hot except Liels.

First, the too beautiful sister and handsome guy and amazingly beautiful characters. Come on, 2017 and the only word you find to describe people is handsome? Especially it is unnecessary repeated, thus, it bothered me a lot. How many times is it mentioned how Kathe is beautiful and Liesl is plain? Way too much for my liking. Besides, the Gobling king is portraited as “dangerously beautiful”. Hello!!!, we all a different perception of what beauty is.

What the hell are those relationships described here?

Classical BS fairy tale. Handsome guy marries beautiful girl. Hans, who is obviously so handsome would rather marry Käthe, the beautiful sister despite is love for Liesl. Käthe doesn’t love him yet, but hey did I mention Hans was handsome? But, ok it is mentioned she will do it because she can then provide for her family. No no no, to me it looks like she afraid gossip girl will make fun her if she marries someone else. Who know someone NOT amazingly beautiful.  I am tired of reading excuse for unkind behaviours. She stole the man from fer sister. She could have provided for her family by working or is she too beautiful for that? Why girl/women represented as beautiful as to act stupid and futile? On the other hand, Liesl is always complaining how plain and not beautiful she is. Thanks, it is the very reason why girl turn into insecure women. There is no compromise either people are beautiful with no talent, or they are ugly but talented. Nonsense…

The (unnecessary) sex scenes.

Shall I mention the weird sex scenes? First of all, they were no warming about it. The book is tagged Fiction/Young adult. Second, it is such a bad example for young people. It is supposed to be Liesl’s first time having sex and so many things written were so cliché. “The mess of blood between her tights”, were you trying to scare virgins? This detail was pointless anyway. She wants to have sex with the Gobling king so she feels ashamed about it. This kind of book is harmful. The love between Liesl and the Gobling king is fake, she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome or puberty.

Here few example to illustrate my anger.

p278, the passage on her first time having sex was painful to read, I taught I was reading an erotic book. I mean she wrote “I slid my hand down the length of his hardness…”  Again here my main problem is not about reading lame sex scenes but the fact that it is a YA fiction with no mention that sex scenes will be featured in the book. I think it is an issue. To my the way it was written belongs to erotic books.

On pages 331, women are not showed as brave or ambitious but stubborn and stupid. And WTF? She has her period, so of course it is her worst days.

P372 I literally wrote “I want this s book to end” on my notebook. I had enough of the wedding night sonata, I cannot read about it anymore. It is unnecessarily overmentioned to my taste. In the end, yes music takes a great part of the story but I believe it was misused and felt pushed.

Word pronunciation and nickname nonsense.

One thing I personally hate is nickname nonsense in books. It is ridiculous and confusing, it is a book, so you can already choose a cool name no need to add a cool nickname. Elisabeth, AKA Bettina AKA Liesl?

This one was very personal. “Der Erlkonig” and Liesl were too difficult for me to pronounce.

Besides, please do your homework. On Page 77, the author is portraying a french musicien who says “majeur D”. WRONG, in French we (I am French) do not use C D E F G A B, but Do Ré Mi Fa Sol La Si. I know this is a detail and should not considered as a major Error! 😉

In conclusion…

Overall, I had the impression there was no editing process. The story was very repetitive and boring. The plot is not progressing, it is going back and forth every chapter. The characters personalities are so inconsistent it is pointless trying to understand the book. What were the motivations of the Goblin King? Who really knows? Again, some people are just mean, so please stop finding excuses for bad behaviours. Like, sorry he is a narcissistic pervert who is bullying you but he is so handsome. Or, he is treating you like s… but poor him his father was means, but hold on is father was mean to him because his mother was a cold b… On top of that none of the issues mentioned are addressed. Liesl has not learn anything. The take-home messages are

– If you are beautiful no skills are needed

– you need a man to find yourself

-women are fragile little things

-first time having sex is awful

-be ashamed of yourself if you are ugly (or thing you are ugly, I mean what beautify really means?) and if you are the one initiating sex with your partner.

Pointless to say I won’t read Shadowsong despite the beautiful cover. I’ve seen there is a trigger warning for that one, good it was addressed and I can i) avoid it and make a rant review ii) save money to buy a book which will be more my style iii) well no third point actually .







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